Real Life: India and Beyond

Now that it is my last year in university, I have been thinking about where I want to be. I know I have lots of time but having older siblings, I know from their experience that it’s good to figure it out early and dive straight in rather than waiting.

I really want to live abroad. But i haven’t decided where. Hmmm… Somewhere that has a beach nearby would be cool, a bit like home. But before that i would love to feel snow and autumn leaves n all that other cool stuff!

I have many friends who want to travel. But we need to get our drivers license n all that stuff so we can have an awesome time here first… So how exactly do I save for my travels? Hmm. Maybe it’s time to think abt a pt job. Maybe I will meet a handsome man on the way… LOL!

Meena is in love with Italy. RObbie with Thailand. I haven’t decided where I really love… I know I would love to see Nepal someday soon but after that I’m not sure where. Maybe it’s better, so its easy to follow my friends. That would be SO awesome if we got to do Road Trips like the movies eh?! Something like Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants would be awesome. Ahh. I want to fall in love with a Greek boy toooooo… Shh dont tell my parents lolz.


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