Fave Songs of the Moment

Ed Shereen.

Ok to be honest I have no idea who this is. Only that his name sounded familiar. I popped his name into Youtube and BOOM! Fell in love with a song. I really like the modern-artsy Angel thing they did in the video.

Cheryl Cole

She seems to have made use of the sympathy people have for her since Ashley COle decided to be a jerk. BUt hey! Girlpower! Good job girl.

Lovelove this video where she doesn’t give a hoot about anything. She is such an annoying little girl but how many guys do we know that are just irritating jerks all the time? Why can’t girls be the same, just for the heck of it? Love it. And she teases all the boys. And she looks amazing too of course. A little bit of a vintage look, a bit bratty and kinda trashy too. Niiiiceee

The Way You Make Me Feel

This is an old one, but never lost any love for the King. The girl with the curly hair is iconic in this video with the silhouettes and water spray etc. Such a good song. Great lyrics. And also fun to see how he pursues the girl.


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