Holiday with my Best Friend

Pooja is turning 21 in 2 months and we are planning something big. Of course the family will have their celebration (looking forward to Aunty’s chicken curry. yuuuummm) but I don’t think for the same reason. Lol. Girls just wanna have fun!

We are planning to take a little weekend away somewhere not too far. Just our first little fun trip together. Would be awesome as a roadtrip but we don’t drive and our roads are not like in the American movies so we will probably just travel on a bus. We’ll pay for one of the more expensive coaches so it’s safe and comfortable. Wondering if I should bring my laptop to watch some chickflicks to really get excited abt the trip lol!

We might take a flight instead also, if they are really cheap. I thought air tickets would be too much but it would save us time. Plus it’s exciting to fly.

Our friend recommended Wego India for finding cheap flights online. I never tried these fare compare sites before but it’s actually really helpful. I remember opening STA and all the airline promo deals you could find in the papers.. and getting confused jotting down allt he different combinations of routes. Pretty easy with this one. basically it compares all the fares from different websites, some of it the official airline website. So it’s neat. Save the Earth! Less of me scribbling furiously.

The flight from Goa to Udaipur looks like a good option. Read about it being one of the best destinations in India and like Venice — sounds very exciting already! just hope some Italian boys will also be there kekeke, Found these 2 blogs on Udaipur that make it sound quite interesting for a real experience as well: This man and this lady. Seems mostly about the markets (not so exciting for me) and the palace (much more interesting. Here are some pics


According to the page for cheap domestic flights in india  on wego’s travel bookings site, the other popular destinations are Hyderabad and Chennai and Kochi. Not so interested in Chennai, maybe the other two. Must calculate how long the flights are. I think there are budget airlines flying that route so shouldn’t be much difference in time and price.

We are going to have to plan carefully before we tell the parents our plan and hopefully our amazing skills will convince them it is a-ok! Exciteddddd!!  We gonna be like this:





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