Spiritual Travel

I watched Eat Pray Love recently and it got me thinking about the number of people who travel for spiritual reasons. To find themselves. In the book, a divorcee travels the world on her own and she latches on to what this guy says in Bali.

The movie is a loose interpretation I think but travelling is really quite a spiritual experience. And when you combine it with visiting places of worship, with an open heart not just for the sake of saying you’ve been there, it can really take an effect on your life. I think many people travel with this in mind. And it made me think about the things we have here in India, because it is a hotspot for such travellers.

This article for instance paints a pretty picture with the author feeling things were “magical” and other-worldly. Obvious she got quite windswept. I think it would something amazing to do, if I did a spiritual trail of sorts sometime travelling within India to see interesting things like this. Buddhist, Hindu, Christian… temples etc. It is the kind of travelling you can do do alone I think, or with some good friends. I have met quite a few travelers flying to India just to find answers to their soul. Young and old. So why not see what it does for me?

We have such beautiful history and architecture.

Part of the reason for Maharashtra’s good karma is that Mumbai has been an important port for millennia, and the Buddha’s teaching often travelled along trade routes

The caves of Ajanta and Ellora, about seven hours northeast of the city, contain some of Buddhism’s most beautiful art and architecture. The 30 caves at Ajanta were carved out across several centuries, beginning in the 2nd Century BC, and have stunning ornate mural paintings depicting the Buddha’s life and former lives. Unlike other caves whose paintings have faded or been lost to time, Ajanta’s were abandoned and overgrown for several hundred years, which helped to preserve them.

See? Interesting right? Did u know that?

It may not be a party holiday but if it takes you outside yourself, it still is a holiday isn’t it? So there’s an idea for productive use of time!


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