Travel Young


I read this amazing article. It seemed random but it really moved me. This writer in his 30s has been travelling and he writes a little bit about how perspective changes over the years and how travelling is a great thing to do when you’re young:

I had heard this excuse before, and I didn’t buy it. I knew the “yeah-but” intimately. I had uttered it many times before. The words seem innocuous enough, but are actually quite fatal.

Yeah, but …

… what about debt?

… what about my job?

… what about my boyfriend?

This phrase is lethal. It makes it sound like we have the best of intentions, when really we are just too scared to do what we should. It allows us to be cowards while sounding noble.

Most people I know who waited to travel the world never did it. Conversely, plenty of people who waited for grad school or a steady job still did those things after they traveled.

He says many things in there that really encourages me to do a round the world trip. Maybe with friends, or alone, or with different friends. But I think it’s a great idea. You get to rethink your life and see the world out there. I have always enjoyed the luxury of travel but maybe now its time to learn about people, cultures and the things you only learn on a budget somewhere far away. Budget accommodation, cheap hotels, scrounging for cheap tickets and just way to get from A to B. I have heard that it sounds a lot more novel than it is, but I think there is still plenty to learn. And I really would like to.

Imagine the adventures of living out of a car and stuff ;p

I suppose wego india travel deals can expect me to be coming round more and more often to get the right inspiration to design a round the world trip. Cheap flights to connect me here to there. I don’t think I’d dare to leave it open ended and just hop on one connecting flight after another without a plan… But maybe some wiggle room with most of the route planned. That would be so awesome 🙂


Holiday with my Best Friend

Pooja is turning 21 in 2 months and we are planning something big. Of course the family will have their celebration (looking forward to Aunty’s chicken curry. yuuuummm) but I don’t think for the same reason. Lol. Girls just wanna have fun!

We are planning to take a little weekend away somewhere not too far. Just our first little fun trip together. Would be awesome as a roadtrip but we don’t drive and our roads are not like in the American movies so we will probably just travel on a bus. We’ll pay for one of the more expensive coaches so it’s safe and comfortable. Wondering if I should bring my laptop to watch some chickflicks to really get excited abt the trip lol!

We might take a flight instead also, if they are really cheap. I thought air tickets would be too much but it would save us time. Plus it’s exciting to fly.

Our friend recommended Wego India for finding cheap flights online. I never tried these fare compare sites before but it’s actually really helpful. I remember opening STA and all the airline promo deals you could find in the papers.. and getting confused jotting down allt he different combinations of routes. Pretty easy with this one. basically it compares all the fares from different websites, some of it the official airline website. So it’s neat. Save the Earth! Less of me scribbling furiously.

The flight from Goa to Udaipur looks like a good option. Read about it being one of the best destinations in India and like Venice — sounds very exciting already! just hope some Italian boys will also be there kekeke, Found these 2 blogs on Udaipur that make it sound quite interesting for a real experience as well: This man and this lady. Seems mostly about the markets (not so exciting for me) and the palace (much more interesting. Here are some pics


According to the page for cheap domestic flights in india  on wego’s travel bookings site, the other popular destinations are Hyderabad and Chennai and Kochi. Not so interested in Chennai, maybe the other two. Must calculate how long the flights are. I think there are budget airlines flying that route so shouldn’t be much difference in time and price.

We are going to have to plan carefully before we tell the parents our plan and hopefully our amazing skills will convince them it is a-ok! Exciteddddd!!  We gonna be like this:




Real Life: India and Beyond

Now that it is my last year in university, I have been thinking about where I want to be. I know I have lots of time but having older siblings, I know from their experience that it’s good to figure it out early and dive straight in rather than waiting.

I really want to live abroad. But i haven’t decided where. Hmmm… Somewhere that has a beach nearby would be cool, a bit like home. But before that i would love to feel snow and autumn leaves n all that other cool stuff!

I have many friends who want to travel. But we need to get our drivers license n all that stuff so we can have an awesome time here first… So how exactly do I save for my travels? Hmm. Maybe it’s time to think abt a pt job. Maybe I will meet a handsome man on the way… LOL!

Meena is in love with Italy. RObbie with Thailand. I haven’t decided where I really love… I know I would love to see Nepal someday soon but after that I’m not sure where. Maybe it’s better, so its easy to follow my friends. That would be SO awesome if we got to do Road Trips like the movies eh?! Something like Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants would be awesome. Ahh. I want to fall in love with a Greek boy toooooo… Shh dont tell my parents lolz.