Favourite International Food

Here’s a list of my favourite dishes I have tried while travelling or in some good restaurants (but never paid attention to the names while I was there).

Italian Thin Crust Pizza

Growing up, we always had fat pizzas packed full of ingredients and also the frozen ones from the freezer. It’s great when you’re a teenager and the parents aren’t home 😉    It was not till a visit to Canada that we tried thin crust pizza from a tiny stall run by real Italians. They had an oven in the wall oldschool and everything, with really cool decor. So simple but it was the best pizza I ever had! It was super thin and not packed full of ingredients sky high but super duper tasty. Ahh.. I wish I could have it again. We also had some from Dominos which was cheaper and not as great, but still much better than the ones we get here.

Can’t wait to go to Italy and try it for real.


Chinese Tea

I am not even a tea lover but we had it once at a Chinese banquet. It tastes quite different from other teas. But very good. I’m a fan!


Singapore Prata

We have this here but they do it a little different over there. Love the ones with Banana filling. Strange but tasty. I don’t know if it deserves to stand alone, but it’s quite cool to see something so INdian there in Singapore where everything else looks so Westernized or polished.


Thai Omelette

Once upon a time, we were in Thailand. We ordered an ordinary Omelette. It was NOT ordinary. It was amazing. The end.  Note; it had tomatoes in it. I tried this at home and got tomato mush instead.


Ack. Gotta run. I will add more to this list next time!



Beauty Around the World

If you know me, you know I am always complaining about how difficult it is to find to good makeup for our skintone. You know how when you watch a movie, you feel like you relate? Or get really excited/inspired abt something and really want to try it out? And then you try and realise you cannot do it in your country.

(Haha! How awesome is that soundbite??)

I have often wondered how Halle Berry looks so perfect. Sigh. Jealous. Then looking at her husband and baby, got me thinking about how different looks can be super appealing.

Also i googled recommended foundation for women of darker skin tones and realised from the comments that actually the perception can be very different. Some girls hate to look like they have make up on. Some guys love thick make up. Some women prefer mineral makeup. Some care LOTS where it comes from etc etc. So many different things. It just got me thinking, since I am writing mostly about travel anyway… about different perceptions of beauty. This is not some Hollywood magazine argument. Just want to smile about some beauty, how it is from eyes.


INDIA: Of course I have to start with the most beautiful woman from India, Aishwarya Rai. I love that episode of Oprah where the very hot jockey from Argentina does a double take like WHOA when he sees her eyes. Hahah. She’s also smart for a beauty queen type if you watch the Miss World finals or hear her speak. Check out her Facebook here.


AFGHANISTAN: The girl who became famous for the amazing photograph of her doubly amazing eyes in National Geographic. It is the most iconic image of Nat Geo I think. The story here.


ITALY: Monica Belluci

Super hot. Super sexy and not ashamed about it.


FRANCE: Audrey Tatou

Very cute, u can imagine her with as little makeup as possible and looking totally pretty and adorable. Pink lipstick is prob the boldest she needs eh? Cute!

Zooey Deschanel: The very cute totally goofy Zooey has amazing eyes but this funny girly thing to her throughout. J’adore!




Scandinavia: Pixie like blondes like this one


Indonesia: Tanned Southeast Asian girls like the beautiful Anggun who used to appear on Channel V when I was music-hungry all the time (hated going to school!)

Asia: Maggie Q with her Asian-European mix. Prob one of my favourite looks, if you can even compare

That’s just some. Especially when I travel, I am astonished at the kind of beauty you can find. Imagine if we were all confined to one country? We would never see fair-skinned people, or oriental beauty or

Rochelle Aytes, with her immaculate curls. So beautiful! I wish had skin like that too.

There’s also an actress who is very very African in her look and so amazingly beautiful in this movie but I can’t remember the name for the life of me. She has a friend in the village who lives with an abusive husband and she gathers to women to chase him out… Ahhh must remember!

ANyway that’s something for now, beautiful women all aroudn the world. So interesting the way our skin and eyes and hair adapts. Maybe next time I will write about that.